Financial and Economic Statistics Asia ‡U 2007
Indonesia Source : Bank Indonesia
Indonesia IDA1 Interest Rates
Indonesia IDB1 Money Supply and Its Affecting Factors
Indonesia IDC1 Wholesale Price Index
Indonesia IDD1 Composite Consumer Price Indeks of 45 Cities
Indonesia IDE1 Gross Domestic Product by Sector at Current Prices
Indonesia IDE2 Gross Domestic Product by Sector at 2000 Constant Prices
Indonesia IDE3 Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure at Current Prices
Indonesia IDE4 Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure at 2000 Constant Prices
Indonesia IDF1 Balance of Payment
Indonesia IDF2 Volume and Value of Export of LNG, LPG and Natural Gas
Indonesia IDF21 Selected Foreign Exchange Midle Rates Againts Rupiah at Bank Indonesia
Malaysia Source : Bank Negara Malaysia
Malaysia Monetary and Financial Aggregates
Malaysia Bank Negara Malaysia and Banking Institutions
Malaysia Other Financial Intermediaries
Malaysia Financial Markets
Malaysia National Accounts
Malaysia Federal Government Finance
Malaysia External Sector
Philippines Source : National Statistics Office, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Money and Banking
Philippines PHA1 Interest Rates
Philippines PHB1 Monetary Authorities Survey
Philippines PHB21 Stock Volume and Price Indices
Philippines PHC1 Wholesale Price Index
Philippines PHD1 Consumer Price Index
National Accounts
Philippines PHE1 National Income Accounts at Constant 1985 Prices
Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments
Philippines PHF1 Balance of Payments
Philippines PHF2 Philippine Exports By Major Commodity
Philippines PHF3 Philippine Imports By Major Commodity
Philippines PHF21 Foreign Exchange Rates
Philippines PHF31 Gross International Reserves
Philippines PHH1 Value of Production Index of Key Manufacturing Enterprises by Industry
Philippines PHH2 Volume of Production Index of Key Manufacturing Enterprises by Industry
Labor & Employment
Philippines PHL1 Selected Labor and Wage Indicators
Philippines PHL2 Land Area, Population, and Density of Population
Thailand Source : Bank of Thailand
Thailand Money and Banking
Thailand Public Finance
Thailand Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments
Thailand Real Sector (Production, Price and GDP)
Thailand Prices of Gold and Rates of Exchange
Australia Source : Reserve Bank of Australia
Reserve Bank of Australia
Australia AUA1 Liabilities and Assets
Assets and Liabilities of Financial Institutions
Australia AUB1 Assets of Financial Institutions - B1
Australia AUB2 Banks - Assets - B2
Australia AUB3 Banks - Liabilities - B3
Money and Credit Statistics
Australia AUD1 Growth in Selected Financial Aggregates - D1
Australia AUD2 Lending and Credit Aggregates (D2)
Australia AUD3 Monetary Aggregates (D3)
Government Finance
Australia AUE1a Commonwealth Government Budget - Monthly (E1)
Australia AUE1b Commonwealth Government Budget - Annual (E1)
Financial Markets
Australia AUF1 Interest Rates and Yields - Money Market - F1
Australia AUF2 Capital Market Yields - Government Bonds - F2
Australia AUF4 Retail Deposit and Investment Rates - F4
Australia AUF5 Indicator Lending Rates - F5
Australia AUF7 Share Market - F7
Australia AUF11 Exchange Rates - F11
Australia AUF12 US Dollar Exchange Rates and Gold Price - F12
Prices and Output
Australia AUG1 Measures of Consumer Price Inflation - G1
Australia AUG2 Consumer Price Index - G2
Australia AUG3 Producer Price Indicators - G3
Australia AUG4 Other Price Indicators - G4
Australia AUG5 RBA Index of Commodity Prices - G5
Australia AUG6 Labour Costs - G6
Australia AUG7 Labour Force - G7
Australia AUG8 Indicators of Spending and Confidence - G8
Australia AUG10 Gross Domestic Product - G10
Australia AUG11 Gross Domestic Product - Expenditure Components - G11
Australia AUG12 Gross Domestic Product - Income Components - G12
Balance of Payments and External Finance
Australia AUH1a Balance of Payments - Current Account - Quarterly - H1
Australia AUH1b Balance of Payments - Current Account - Monthly - H1
Australia AUH2 Balance of Payments - Financial Account - H2
Australia AUH3 Exports and Imports of Goods and Services - H3
Australia AUH4 Australia's Gross Foreign Liabilities and Assets - H4
Australia AUH5 Australia's Net Foreign Liabilities - H5
New Zealand
New Zealand Source : Reserve Bank of New Zealand,Statistics New Zealand
Economic Indicators
New Zealand NZA1 Domestic Trade
New Zealand NZA2 Investment
New Zealand NZA3 Incomes and prices
New Zealand NZA4 Labour market and balance of payments
New Zealand NZA5 Gross domestic product
Interest and exchange rates
New Zealand NZB1 Exchange rates
New Zealand NZB2 Wholesale interest rates
New Zealand NZB3 Interest rates on lending and deposits
Monetary and financial statistics
New Zealand NZC1 Monthly monetary aggregates
New Zealand NZC2 Monthly credit aggregates
New Zealand NZC3 Monetary and credit aggregates components
New Zealand NZC4 Balance sheets: M3 institutions
Government finance
New Zealand NZD1 Government securities on issue
New Zealand NZD2 Ownership of New Zealand's internal public debt (as per the Reserve Bank's Stock Registry)
New Zealand NZD9 New Zealand Government bond turnover survey
New Zealand NZD11 Wholesale New Zealand Government securities on issue
External finance
New Zealand NZE1 New Zealand's official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets
New Zealand NZE2 New Zealand's position with the International Monetary Fund
New Zealand NZE3 New Zealand's overseas debt
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
New Zealand NZF1 Reserve Bank of New Zealand liabilities
New Zealand NZF2 Reserve Bank of New Zealand assets
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