Financial and Economic Statistics Asia ‡V 2007
Source : Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh Bank
Financial Sector
Bangladesh BDA1 Average Call Money Market Rates
Bangladesh BDA2 Weighted Average Rate of Interest on Commercial Lending and Deposits
Bangladesh BDB1 Monetary Survey
Bangladesh BDB2 Monetary Survey (M3)
Bangladesh BDB11 Selected  Tax Revenue Receipts of the Government
Bangladesh BDB21 Index Number of Ordinary Share Prices, Turn Over, Issued Capital and Total Number of Companies Listed in the Dhaka Stock-Exchange Ltd. 
Bangladesh BDB22 Market Capitalisation (Value) of Ordinary Shares Of Companies Listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.
Bangladesh BDC1 Wholesale Price Index
Bangladesh BDD1 Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rate In Bangladesh
Bangladesh BDD2 Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
Bangladesh BDD3 Selected Commodity Prices at International Market
National Accounts
Bangladesh BDE1 Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh at Current Market Price
Bangladesh BDE2 Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh at Constant Market Price
Bangladesh BDE3 Key Indicators of National Accounts
External Sector
Bangladesh BDF1 Balance of Payments
Bangladesh BDF2 Foreign Trade
Bangladesh BDF3 International Reserves
Bangladesh BDF11 Exchange Rates
Bangladesh BDH1 Index of Industrial Production
Bangladesh BDH2 Installed Capacity, Looms Utilization, Raw Jute Consumption, Production & Despatches of Jute Goods
  Source : National Institute of Statistics
Public Finance
Cambodia KHB21 Central Government Revenue
KHB22 Central Government Budgetary Expenditure by Economic Classification
Cambodia KHC1 Producer Price Index
Cambodia KHD1 Consumer Price Index
Cambodia KHD2 Consumer Price Index Components of All Items
Cambodia KHD3 Consumer Price Index- Urban Cambodia
Cambodia KHD4 Phnom Penh, Provincial Cities, Other Urban and Urban - Index Numbers
Cambodia KHD5 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, All Items
Cambodia KHD6 Urban Consumer Price Cambodia, Food Beverage and Tobacco
Cambodia KHD7 Urban Consumer Price index Cambodia, Clothing and footwear
Cambodia KHD8 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, Housing and Utilities
Cambodia KHD9 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, House Furnishings and Household Operations
Cambodia KHD10 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, Medical Care
Cambodia KHD11 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, Transportation and Communication
Cambodia KHD12 Urban Consumer Price Index Cambodia, Recreation and Education
Cambodia KHD13 Urban Consumer Price index Cambodia, Personal Care and Effects
National Accounts
Cambodia KHE1 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Per Capita GDP
Cambodia KHE2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Economic Activity (at Current Prices)
Cambodia KHE3 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Economic Activity (at Constant 2000 Prices)
Cambodia KHE4 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity Growth Rates, in Percent (at Current Prices)
Cambodia KHE5 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity Growth Rates, in Percent (at Constant Prices)
External Sector
Cambodia KHF1 Balance of Payments
Cambodia KHF11 Exchange rate
Cambodia KHH11 Gross Value Added by Industry Sector
Cambodia KHI11 All Investment Project Approvals
Cambodia KHI12 Total Project Cost of Domestic Direct Investment
Cambodia KHI13 Total Project Cost of Foreign Direct Investment
Cambodia KHI14 Total Project Cost of Joint Direct Investment
Cambodia KHK11 Estimated Number of Vehicles in Cambodia
Cambodia KHK12 Density of Telephone
Employment & Income
Cambodia KHL1 Total Employment by Sector and Main Industry
Cambodia KHL2 Major Activities of Economically Active Children, 5-17 Years of Age by Sex
Cambodia KHL3 Generation of income by economic activity at current price
Cambodia KHL4 Generation of income by economic activity at constant price
Cambodia KHL11 Population by Single Year of Age and Sex
Source : Reserve Bank of India
Financial Sector
India INA1 Call Money Rate Daily
India INA3 Cash Reserve Ratio and Interest Rates
India INA4 LIBOR Rates-Overnight
India INB1 Monetary Survey - Components (Fortnightly)
India INB3 Money Stock (M3) Components and Sources
India INB6 Reserve Bank of India - Liabilities and Assets (Month-End)
India INB21 BSE Indices
India IND1 All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Worker - By Group ( Average )
India IND2 CPI for Industrial Worker
National Accounts
India INE1 Gross Domestic Product at Factor Cost - Annual
India INE2 Gross Domestic Product at Factor Cost - Quarterly
External Sector
India INF1 Balance of Payments ( Annual )
India INF2 Balance of Payments ( Quarterly )
India INF3 Principal Commodity Wise Export - Yearly
India INF4 Principal Commodity Wise Export - Monthly (Amount in Rs. Crore)
India INF5 Principal Commodity Wise Import - Yearly
India INF6 Principal Commodity wise Import - Monthly (Amount in Rs. Crore)
India INF7 Direction of Foreign Trade - Monthly
India INF8 Direction of Foreign Trade - Yearly
India INF9 Foreign Trade - Monthly
India INF11 Foreign Exchange Reserves - Month End
India INF21 Average Forex  Rates - Indian Rupees vis-a-vis other Currencies (Monthly)
India INH1 Index of Industrial Production - Sector wise Classification ( Monthly)
India INH2 Index of Industrial Production - Sector wise Classification ( Yearly )
India INL1 Indian Population & Employment in Public and Organised Private Sector
Source : Central Statistical Organization
Myanmar MMB1 Money supply
Myanmar MMB2 People's savings
Myanmar MMB3 Three-year government treasury bonds
Myanmar MMB4 Five-year government treasury bonds
Myanmar MMB5 Foreign exchange rates
Myanmar MMB6 Revenue from taxes
Myanmar MMD1 Retail prices of selected commodities
Myanmar MMD2 Consumer Price Index (Union)
Myanmar MMD3 Spot price of gold at Yangon
Foreign Trade
Myanmar MMF11 Foreign Trade
Myanmar MMF12 Customs Duties
Myanmar MMF13 Import by type of Commodities
Myanmar MMF14 Import of principal Commodities
Myanmar MMF15 Import by Major Trading Country
Myanmar MMF16 Export of principal Commodities
Myanmar MMF17 Export by Major Trading Country
Myanmar MMH11 Production of selected commodities of the State Economic Enterprises
Myanmar MMH12 Electric Power generated and sold by the Myanma Electric Power Enterprise
Myanmar MMH13 Electric Power Generation by type
Myanmar MMH14 Production of precious minerals and pearls
Myanmar MMH15 Mineral extraction
Myanmar MMH16 Production of non-metallic minerals
Myanmar MMH17 Meat and fish supply in Yangon
Foreign Investment
Myanmar MMI11 Foreign Investment of permitted enterprises by sector
Myanmar MMI12 Foreign Investment of permitted enterprises by country of origin
Transportation and Travel
Myanmar MMK11 Transportation
Myanmar MMK12 Registered motor vehicles by type
Myanmar MMK13 Merchant shipping
Myanmar MMK14 Overseas visitors
Myanmar MMK15 Tourist arrivals by nationality
Labour and Employment
Myanmar MML11 Employment through Labour offices
Source : State Bank of Pakistan,Federal Bureau of Statistics
Financial Sector
Pakistan PKA1 Weighted Average Lending & Deposit Rates
Pakistan PKB2 Pakistan Monetary Survey
Pakistan PKB3 Credit / Loans Classified by Borrowers
Pakistan PKB11 Analytical Accounts of State Bank of Pakistan
Pakistan PKC1 Wholesale Price Index
Pakistan PKD1 Consumer Price Index
National Accounts
Pakistan PKE1 Real GDP
External Sector
Pakistan PKF1 Balance of Payments as per BPM5
Pakistan PKF2 Balance of Payments Summary
Pakistan PKF3 Export Receipts by Commodity
Pakistan PKF4 Import Payments by Commodity
Pakistan PKF5 Exports and Imports (BOP, SBP)
Pakistan PKF6 Exports and Imports of Goods and Services
Pakistan PKF7 Details of Trade in Services
Pakistan PKF8 Home Remittances
Pakistan PKF9 Net Inflow of Foreign Private Investment
Pakistan PKF10 Net Inflow of Foreign Investment in Pakistan Summary
Pakistan PKF11 Sector-wise Repatriation of Profit/ Dividend
Pakistan PKF12 Pakistan's External Debt/Liabilities
Pakistan PKF13 Pakistan's External Debt/Liabilities Servicing
Pakistan PKF14 International Investment Position of Pakistan
Pakistan PKF15 International Reserves and Foreign
Pakistan PKF16 Currency Liquidity (excel version) Jun 18, 2007
Pakistan PKF21 Inter -bank Floating Average Exchange Rates
Source : General Statistics Office of Vietnam
Vietnam Trade, Price and Tourism
Vietnam National Accounts
Vietnam Industry
Vietnam Investment
Vietnam Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Vietnam Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications
Vietnam Education, Health, Culture and Living Standard
Vietnam Population and Employment
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